5 day swim meets are 5 days too long

Meets that are 5 days long are the worst because by the end of them my motivation has been reduced to 0 and my only goal becomes survival

historywillhateus: for the 200 fly anon make sure to keeps your hips up once you get tired bc swimming fly almost vertical will just wear you out more and add time 
Anonymous: How do you swim 200 fly 

Take out the first 100 pretty relaxed - not slow, but relaxed enough that it feels good and not super tiring. Then in the 3rd 50 just hang in there and keep your stroke together and on the last 50 just go as hard as you can. Mostly think about keeping your timing and your stroke together as well as a steady kick throughout your whole 200, because a lot of times people die at the end of the 200 fly because their strokes fall apart. Also I reccomend breathing every 2 for it because that helps in holding your stroke together

Do any of you all have tips for distance swimming, like the 800? Like how to mentally prepare for it/ how to swim it and what to think when you’re swimming it?

When someone you hate swims slowly

When you swim slower in a meet than you do in practice


Me: *doesn’t try in set during practice*
Coach: *yells at me*
Me: “i came out to have a good time and i’m honestly feeling so attacked right now”

Anonymous: are you a boy or girl? 


therainingkiwi: (hi just here to complain to a fellow swimmer who will understand) So Brazil lost to Germany 7-1 in the world cup and my coach is Brazilian and yeah I'm really not excited for practice tomorrow. 

Lol my coach is German

Anonymous: Hey I got first for four out of my five events at my meet today. My goggles filled with water when I dove in for one of the events though. I know you probably wont care, but I just wanted to tell someone. 

Aw oh well it happens to the best of us. Hey you won 4 of them which is really impressive!! One time when I was like 8 my goggles fell off in my 50 free and I added 15 seconds… My coach wasn’t very happy with me haha

Anonymous: how old are you? 

16 whoooo

Anonymous: why is lane 4 considered the fastest? like why does everyone wanna race in lane 4 

Well first off its farthest from the walls usually and being close to the walls makes it more difficult to swim because of the walls. Also I guess because they always swim the fastest swimmer of the heat in the middle lane and so on so the slowest are in the end lanes so if your in the middle lane (which is often lane 4) you have the fastes entry time

darthgeyer: I found you blog through pintrist, this is amazing! 

Oh my gosh you found this through pintest? Thant’s crazy!!