Anonymous: im 13 and my mom thinks i should quit bc she says im not that good. what do you think? my times are (yards) 50 free - 27.32 ; 100 free 59.87 ; 100 breast - 1:15.48 ; 200 im - 2:17.98 

Why would she make you quite because your not good?

First of all being good isn’t everything, there is so much more to swimming than that. hey there is so much more to life than being great at everything and if simply being great is ones main goal they will never be happy and never enjoy the ride. Just do what makes you happy since this is your life.

Secondly your plenty good anyway so I don’t know what your mom is talking about anyway. I think you best event is for sure the 200 IM. :)

tropicalfruitbunhead: To the anon swimming breast at champs: over the years I've learned that an event will only be horrible if you think it'll be horrible. Make the best out of your races! Even if you know you'll go slow, be excited to swim something new! Maybe it's your hidden talent and maybe you'll surprise everyone. Stay positive and don't be mad if your coaches make you step out of your comfort zone. 


Trying to do hard practices after not swimming for two weeks should be the the last circle of hell

Anonymous: Why is it when i dive my goggles fall off? Is it because my goggles are not tight enough or my head is not tucked in all the way? or both? 

Probably a mixture of both. At meets I usually tighten my goggles to an insanely uncomfortable, skull crushing tightness so that they definitely won’t fall off and then just ask your coach or someone to watch your dive to see if it is your head position

Anonymous: My coach put me in the 200 breaststroke for CHAMPIONSHIPS, and I'm probably the worst at breaststroke on the team (the other strokes I'm above average on.) HELP ME. 

Ooh I feel your pain. Well since your coach put you in it, they probably think you have potential to do well so I guess my advice is focus on your technique leading up to the meet and then at the meet just stay really relaxed (especially with breaststroke) and just do the best you can do. Don’t freak out, it’s not the end of the world if you go slow :)

So someone sent me a message with advice on fly turns and I accidentally deleted it so yeah if that’s u, I’m not ignoring you, i just suck at using iPhone touchscreens

Anonymous: This is my first year in swim and I'm kind of happy i choose this sport because we literally eat ALL the time I've been in most other sports and never eaten this much 

Haha yes food is pretty spectacular

Anonymous: So My stroke is free and lately my coach has been putting me in the fly races and I've discovered I'm actually pretty good at it? I just have really bad starts and I can't turn well, any tips? 

We’ll my turns are highly lacking but you want to focus on going over straight back when you push off the wall (like don’t turn around and then push off after you touch the wall) if you get what I mean.. And for starts engage your legs and your arms in pushing yourself off the blocks

Anonymous: I'm a 12 year old girl and I'm really small. It's my second year swimming and these girls on another team were making fun of me because my time for 50 free was 27. Am I bad? 

Hey for 12 that’s actually really good! Anyways, hopefully you’ll grow a lot and then you can beat them all ;)

Anonymous: I used to be a pretty decent swimmer and I swam for 6 years on my club team, but then I quit for about a year and a half (shoulder problems and it just wasn't fun anymore). Now I'm on my high school frosh/soph team and I'm so slow! My technique is still there but my speed is horrible, girls who have never swam in their lives are beating me! Do you have any tips or help? 

Hmm well it will definitely take time to get back into it, if your technique is fine than I guess your just really missing that endurance base which is hugeee so I would say just continue going to practice regularly and really building on that

shork: When you're in gym class, sweating, and someone asks "Why does it smell like the pool?" 


swimmer-advice: So I'm 12 and I'm a backstroker. My 100 back time is 1:12.67 and I'm proud of my time and my coach acts proud but it seems like he's not... Should I be proud of the time? 

I mean if you feel accomplished than be proud! You don’t have to have some insanely fast time to be proud (but 1:12 is really good for a 12 year old) so yes, be proud


men’s back muscles let you know that god is real

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Anonymous: is breaststroke one of those things you have to learn when you're younger and flexible? I am an sophomore and breast kick i well.... haha. put it this way: i think i am better at butterfly than breast 

No not necessarily, I mean a lot of people are always good at breaststroke, but a lot of people also suddenly drop a lot in it. Having good rhythm in breastroke is super crucial and also having your body high in the water

Anonymous: what are your times for your best events? 

I’m not sure what my best events are haha