Anonymous: How do you get so many followers??????????? 

I have absolutely no idea like I literally had 5 and suddenly I have 1,500 what.

I hate practice but I hate skipping it even more

Anonymous: how hard would it be to swim and compete like nothing happened after having a back muscle tear and shoulder injury for 2 years? 

Well it will probably take a bit of time to get back your endurance but otherwise you still probably have your technique together so it will probably be pretty hard at first but I doubt it will take you that long to get back into the swing of things

Anonymous: i hate when the coach is like lets do this other set and there are like 15 minutes left in the practice 

Oh my god yes literally the worst I hate when the last set is the hardest because I’m just like “hey this practice isn’t that hard” and then it’s like “well sh!t I’m dead”

Anonymous: do u like swimming 

I hate and love it at the same time like I don’t necessarily enjoy swim practice but I would be lost without it and I need it

Anonymous: All I want to do is swim free. It is literally the best thing I've ever done in my life. I don't care about times or racing, I just love the feel of the water against me when I dive and get engulfed in it. Nothing makes me feel more alive. 

I feel the same way until I actually have to go fast

kuristofu: I LOOOVE swimming and when I found this blog holy frick thank you for making this gold mine. 

Haha you’re welcome? And thanks!!

My favorite part of swim practice is getting out.

My favorite part of swim practice is getting out.

johnsayshellototherealworld: Hey, I am in desperate for some advice: I am 17 and I have never done swim before. I started about 4 weeks ago and from the beginning I had problems with freestyle. It is my first time swimming this way and tbqh I hate it. After just 50 m I am dead. I am trying really hard but I just can't beat my time. For over 3 meets my time has been 34 sec. For the 50m. What should I do? Apart from my freestyle struggle I really like breaststroke. Last meet I improved 10 sec for the 100m I got a 1:20. 

Hey for just starting that’s a really good time! And it’s only been 4 weeks so just keep at it and your strokes will improve a long with your endurance. Since you just started, you’ll have a lot of time drops in your future - trust me

That anticipation before your coach tells you your next set is literally the worst.

Anonymous: im 13 and my mom thinks i should quit bc she says im not that good. what do you think? my times are (yards) 50 free - 27.32 ; 100 free 59.87 ; 100 breast - 1:15.48 ; 200 im - 2:17.98 

Why would she make you quite because your not good?

First of all being good isn’t everything, there is so much more to swimming than that. hey there is so much more to life than being great at everything and if simply being great is ones main goal they will never be happy and never enjoy the ride. Just do what makes you happy since this is your life.

Secondly your plenty good anyway so I don’t know what your mom is talking about anyway. I think you best event is for sure the 200 IM. :)

tropicalfruitbunhead: To the anon swimming breast at champs: over the years I've learned that an event will only be horrible if you think it'll be horrible. Make the best out of your races! Even if you know you'll go slow, be excited to swim something new! Maybe it's your hidden talent and maybe you'll surprise everyone. Stay positive and don't be mad if your coaches make you step out of your comfort zone. 


Trying to do hard practices after not swimming for two weeks should be the the last circle of hell

Anonymous: Why is it when i dive my goggles fall off? Is it because my goggles are not tight enough or my head is not tucked in all the way? or both? 

Probably a mixture of both. At meets I usually tighten my goggles to an insanely uncomfortable, skull crushing tightness so that they definitely won’t fall off and then just ask your coach or someone to watch your dive to see if it is your head position