the-soulfire-ranch: I've only swam competitively for 3 going on 4 years and Im a high school swimmer. one of the mothers of our best swimmers came up to me one day and said I have a lot of potential to swim distance and that I should invest in full-year training to better myself. I've always loved the water and everything about competitive swimming cause it gives purpose but I feel like if I commit to full year training I'd feel like I'd be selling my soul and forced to make big sacrifices. Should I take that risk? 

Do it!!!! Yes you will be making sacrifices and yes you will be pretty much selling your soul, and you will end up with a love/hate relationship with it, but honestly it will be so worth it. You really seem to enjoy swimming and competing, so I don’t really see why you wouldn’t go year round, and it also really just gives structure to your life and a goal to pursue throughout the year. Really just try it because if you don’t you might end up regretting not even giving it a chance

Anonymous: Any advice for getting back after not being able to practice for a month? (Sorry if this has been asked before!) 

Going to practice after taking a long break is literally the worst. It’s going to be pretty sucky at first but once you get back into the swing of things it’ll be fine. Really after a few days you feel so much better so just continue going to practice

Anonymous: Hey! I'm having problems with my butterfly. It seems like I can't get the dive deep enough and instead of flinging my arms around with the momentum, I end up having to pull them around. As you can imagine, this wears me out a lot faster than it should and slows down my times. Any tips are appreciated greatly. 

Well the most important thing in fly (which will help you be able to bring your arms over the surface effortlessly) is actually staying high and flat in the water and keeping your hips up and head pretty low. Otherwise both your body and arms will end up dragging through the water.

Anonymous: so my swim friend has been on the team a while but has never really cared until this year. she never bothered me since I didn't know she was that fast. now she's faster than me in my best event and it bums me out and I don't want to be that sort if person but, when did she decide to care. what do I do? 

I totally understand how you feel and trust me it happens to everyone. Just remember that swimming is an individual sport and you swim for yourself, and whatever times she is doing doesn’t affect you at all. I know it’s still a bit annoying but honestly, just being happy when they do well will make you feel a lot better :)

Anonymous: How many followers do you have? 

About 2,000

Guy swimmers back muscles give me life

Anonymous: Is a 2:15 good for a 14 year old boy? In the 200m long course freestyle 

Well of course there are a lot of factors that contribute and I know literally nothing about you, I can’t truthfully tell you, but just based off what you’ve told me, I’d say that that is good :)

Anonymous: Is a mid 56 for 100 yd free ok for 16 yr old girl? 

Yeah! I mean it would be a almost exactly the high school state time in my state

Anonymous: I'm a sophomore in high school and I've been struggling with a shoulder injury for over two years now. I am a good swimmer and have qualified for districts and such but I won't get any better if I can't practice so I have no chance and going to state :( advice? 

Gosh that really sucks I’m sorry :/ well just do anything you can like pt and icing it or whatever to help it and don’t push yourself if it hurts cuz that will only make it worse but I would suggest kicking with fins during practice and trying to keep up with the swimming interval because that’s actually super hard and will get you in good shape

Anonymous: ok so my friend is new to swimming this year for school (I've done some summer stuff so I'm kinda new too) but we were doing 25s today and she's like "yeah can I go in front of you bc I keep seeing your feet in front of me" and she's being all rude about it like #1 bitch you're supposed to see my feet unless you're way behind and #2 maybe that wouldn't happen if you didn't push off before I even left my stream line like how do I deal with this?????? she's my friend but I want to slap her 

Oh my god people leaving like 2 seconds after I push off is literally my biggest pet peeve like maybe the reason your swimming on my feet iS BECAUSE YOU LEFT ON TOP OF ME AND ARE RIDING MY DRAFT. But honestly it happens sooo much and literally 2/3 of my team does it so I guess you’ve just gotta not let it get to you

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Sometimes during off season I have nightmares where I have to swim like the 400 IM or the 500 free, but then I wake up, and the feeling of relief is incredible.


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